Is Skool worth $99/month?

This is a copy and pasted post by Evelyn Weiss inside of the Skool Games.

$99/month worth it? I think you need to understand this…

I keep seeing posts questioning if $99 for a community is worth it and if you shouldn’t go with a free Facebook group instead.

I didn’t see/understand this when I started on Skool, but if you want actually to build a community of a meaningful size, you need to hear this.

If you don’t want to read you can also watch this video instead:

I have deep regrets.

Yesterday I was listening to 

@Matthew Thompson

 latest podcast and one thing really struck me that I want to share with you:

It’s insane how much community management costs you save when you use Skool vs. a Facebook group.

For context: In my own communities, we manage over 11,000 paying monthly members.

Combined with Jessa and other partners over 20,000.

Because there is

a.) No payment integration and

b.) Facebook is restricting our paid reach down to an average 300 out of 6500 members in our biggest group, the Coach Growth Hub inner circle.

We have to pay a team of people to

a.) Find and remove people who don’t pay because FB doesn’t do that automatically like skool

b.) Provide 24-hour workday written support because in skool members actually see each other’s posts and want to help each other out because of the gamification element and the connection that comes from having started to engage

Honestly, this is so genius.

The digital offer builders is now one of our most profitable communities because:

#1: We don’t run ads to it at the moment: 234 members NET GROWTH in the first month after playing the skool games. All organically from the skool discovery page and this community

#2: We haven’t promised 24h written support and don’t deliver it. Members helping members works amazingly in here (I am really mind-blown; this would have never been possible with a Facebook group)

It might be the amazing community, the lower cost, or the fact that I can finally reach my own community again, but I am becoming a super fan.

Now, how to transition over fully?

I don’t know.

There is so much value in our current Facebook groups.

How do we not lose a lot of members who aren’t ready to switch platforms yet?

If anyone has moved huge paid communities… what was your drop off?

I am strongly considering, and I want to reinforce for everyone here:

You are in the right place to build.

If I could start over again from scratch, I wouldn’t want to build anywhere else but on Skool.

If you think $99 per month is a lot, pay for training someone to be a qualified coach to answer questions within 24h on weekdays and for someone else to hunt for members who don’t pay but keep consuming your content and support in your communities.

Last year, I paid $367k to fulfill my memberships promises.

I think if I were on skool only, it would be a fraction of that AND a much more enjoyable experience and more meaningful community for my clients.

You’re in the right place at the right time.

Just get to work.”


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