The $10,000/month Skool Checklist (How to make money on

This post contains a checklist. If you complete the checklist you will make money on Skool. This is for you if you haven’t made $1 on Skool yet.

This guide was created for people in The Skool Games, and contains links to the courses in there. Anyone who has an active Skool group can join The Skool Games at no extra charge. If you don’t have an active Skool group you can get a free trial to The Skool Games here: affiliate link / not affiliate link

☐ = action step. Don’t skip steps.

1. How to play

☐ Watch the video “1. How to play” or read below

You make money on Skool by getting people to join your paid Skool group. You can make $10,000/month (+ more) from your group. Your job is to get people to find your group, and make it good so people want to join.

The Skool games has a leaderboard, ranked by New Monthly Recurring Revenue (New MRR). The prize for top 10 on the leaderboard is to spend 1-day with Hormozi in Vegas. Because it’s ‘New MRR’, not just ‘MRR’, everyone starts on $0 every month. This means if you don’t win this month, you could win next month (with lessons learned this month).

If you don’t make the top 10, but you still want to learn from Hormozi and the winners, you unlock the 1-day recordings when you get just 3 paid members.

2. Make it fun

☐ Watch the video “2. Make it fun” or read below

The first rule of The Skool Games is “have fun”. Successful entrepreneurs view business like a game, and love playing it. Make it more fun by finding a friend, or partnering with someone with a complementary skill-set.

☐ Make at least one comment or post in the community. Don’t be shy

3. Designing your business

☐ Watch the video “3. Designing your business” or read below

Your first decision is “who is my group for?” Many overcomplicate this, but it’s simple. Just pick people with a shared interest, goal, or problem with you. Make a group you selfishly wish existed. Scratch your own itch. Spend max 48 hours on this decision.

☐ Decide who your group is for

☐ Fill in the blank: “My group is for ______”

You no longer need to be an expert to make money online. If you are an expert, great. If you’re not, crowdsource knowledge from your group. Find people similar to you, then make progress together. Or bring experts into your community.

Your group can be free or paid. If you’re just starting out, make it free. Find out what people want, then later make it paid. The audience you build for free will happily pay you money. If you’re confident you can provide value, make it paid. This is an reversible decision, so don’t sweat it much. Spend max 24 hours on this decision.

☐ Decide free or paid

To make your group valuable, you can add a course, posts, meetups, and calls (with you and other experts). Help people get what they want, faster, and with less effort. Do this by thinking “what will my group find valuable?”, then planning to add that.

You don’t need a complete course before you launch. Make a welcome post explaining who the group is for, and how it will be valuable. Then continuously improve the group over time, with your founding members.

☐ Create welcome post in your group

4. Seeding your group

☐ Watch the video “4. Seeding your group” or read below

All good communities start small. You only need 10 consistent contributors to have a great group. Aim for 3 people (because 3 is a great start, plus if they’re paid it unlocks the 1-day recordings).

Because you don’t need many people to have a great group, you can be niche and specific with who your group is for. E.g. vegan mom powerlifters who love cats. The narrower the group, the more the members will value it.

☐ Consider narrowing who your group is for

To get your first 3 members, message everyone you have access to who may be interested in your group. Go through your Facebook friends list, Instagram follower list, contacts, and anywhere else you have access to people. Then message the ones who could be interested in your group. If you invite everyone in your contact list, you’ll get more than 3 members. Don’t be afraid, we’re just inviting people to a party! If they don’t show up, we can invite them to the next one.

☐ Reach out to everyone you have access to who might be interested in your group

Reminder: Don’t skip steps. If you follow every step listed here, you will make money.

5. Monetizing your group

☐ Watch the video “5. Monetizing your group” or read below

There’s 4 ways to make money on Skool.

  1. Your group can be free forever.
  2. You can start free then switch to paid.
  3. You can have one free group and one paid group.
  4. You can start paid.

☐ Decide which of 4 ways you will make money on Skool

To determine group price, think “how much value am I adding?” then charge a little less than that. Most charge between $19 – $299/month.

You can get to $10,000/month by having 10 people pay $999/month, 100 pay $99/month, or 1,000 pay $10/month.

☐ Decide group price

6. Growing your group

☐ Watch the video “6. Growing your group” or read below

To make money on Skool: get people’s attention, then direct it to your group’s ‘about page’. You don’t need any external tools, plugins, or resources. Your about page is your sales page. Find your group’s about page by going to your group then clicking ‘about’ in the top bar.

There’s six ways to get people’s attention:

  1. Warm outreach (reach out to people you know)
  2. Cold outreach (reach out to people you don’t know)
  3. Paid ads (pay for attention from platforms like Facebook or YouTube)
  4. Content (make free content on platforms like Facebook or YouTube)
  5. Influencers (partner with someone who already has attention)
  6. Referrals (ask people in your group to invite more people)

Warm outreach is the best way for everyone to start. Partnering with an influencer is powerful. All six ways work.

☐ Decide 1-2 ways to get attention.

Your ‘about page’ should compel people to join your group. Show people the value inside the group through images, text, or video. If you need inspiration, check out other about pages.

☐ Improve your about page

7. Let the games begin!

☐ Watch the video “7. Let the games begin!” or read below

These instructions are deliberately brief. The thing holding you back is execution, not information. Alex defines ‘learning’ by ‘behavior change’. If you’ve read this but don’t take action, you’ve learned nothing. If you don’t win this month, you can win next month. The only way to lose is to quit.

Daily habits:

☐ Take action to get attention to your about page

☐ Improve your about page over time

☐ Improve your group over time

☐ Don’t quit

Member milestones

☐ Get 1st member

☐ Get 10 members

☐ Get 100 members

☐ Get 1,000 members

Money milestones

☐ Make $1/month

☐ Make $100/month

☐ Make $1,000/month

☐Make $10,000/month

If you get stuck anywhere, comment below and I will help you.

If you follow these steps, you will make money on Skool.


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